Three Great Choices For Restaurants When You Visit Denver CO

Denver is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the west and in the US in general. Everyone knows that Denver is The Mile High City, but did you know another nickname for Denver is The Wall Street of the West? It is also known for its many fine restaurants. You can order up pretty much anything you want in Denver CO. You just have to find it. Here are three of Denver’s best restaurants for you to try.

Corner Bakery Cafe is so cute. It is on 16th Street, and you can order up pancakes, paninis, Swiss Oatmeal and all kinds of great food. Corner Bakery Cafe is also known for its soups, salads and of course its baked goods and delicious desserts. It is located right near the Hyatt Hotel if you are also looking for a place to stay in Denver.

The 1515 Restaurant is on Market Street, and you are going to find a very unique tasting menu there. Let’s just say that rattlesnake sausage is part of that tasting menu. Enjoy the jazz music, some delicious eats and have an overall unique experience at The 1515 Restaurant.

Charcoal Restaurant is another one, and it is on West 9th Avenue. This establishment also features a tasting menu, so it is time to relax and enjoy a nice dining experience. A few menu highlights include salmon, hangar steak and Swedish meatballs. Reviews say that it is especially a fabulous spot for lunch.

One more nickname for Denver is the Queen City of the Plains. Denver of course has the highest elevation of any city in the US. Your trip to Denver will be spectacular, and it will be one that you never forget. Make sure you plan all kinds of adventures, and have a great time enjoying these three fine restaurants.

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