Denver CO Is A Great Place To Stay To Many Different Kinds Of Geography

If you want your next vacation to take you to places that just look and feel differently than what you are used to back home, then Denver CO is possibly a great place to stay if you want to see and experience a variety of different kinds of geography.

Flying into Denver might not feel that different than any other major city, but once you get outside of the airport, you’ll see it. Likewise, if you ride on a bus in the middle of the night to a downtown terminal, the center city area will look like most any other downtown across the nation. But get outside of the big buildings, and you’ll notice the mountains to the west.

The great Front Range of the Rockies shoot up from the terrain soaring up to great heights, some of them 14,000 feet plus. Take the paved road to the top of Mt. Evans or the incline railroad to the top of Pikes Peak for alpine views of the world.

Likewise, head east to see what the Great Plains are like for a taste of that region of the continent, which runs from Canada down into Texas.

This isn’t all there is though. Get a few hours into the mountains to Glenwood Springs, and you can enjoy a natural saltwater pool heated by thermal springs. Along the way you’ll pass the skiing of Vail and Aspen, and going in the right time of year means seeing terrain that is practically subarctic.

Several gorges and canyons are a day trip from Denver, so you can see just how beautiful it can be when there’s a tear in the Earth. Likewise, see how gorgeous towering columns of rock can look at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

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